• My Left Hand

    by antibagel

    Another webcomic about ghosts.

    possession, Drama

  • Pandemonium

    by MaggieW

    Ahra, the proud daughter of the Duke of Riko, finds herself possessed by a demon, her loved ones killed, and her perfect world crumbling into chaos. S...

    possession, Fantasy

  • Esperance

    by Birdie

    Fey tries to adjust to life following a traumatic spirit possession. [UPDATES MONDAYS]

    possession, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Puppeteer

    by Eightfish

    A self-proclaimed minor goddess offers Eli the ability to leave his body and take control of people. But to her displeasure, all he wants to do wit...

    possession, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Radiant

    by Christine Dao

    She’s an art student. He’s possessed. Things get kinda weird. ....... Mary and Carter don’t normally talk. So, it doesn’t make sense that, during ...

    possession, Romance

  • Unhallowed

    by Ongicloud

    Gabriel Balshaw lives a normal, boring life: complaining about his family, listening to music and trying to survive high school all while trying to ex...

    possession, Action


    by Rebel Witch

    A group of kids called the "zodiacs" spend their time trying to find anything they can steal and sell, they are a group of 12 with groups of 6, each p...

    possession, Horror

  • Where Angels Die

    by Venomis

    Being framed by his lover, Rick is sent to prison. Among all monsters lurking in the dark, there is one angel who makes his heart beat faster. The boy...

    possession, BL, Romance, Drama

  • Possession - Gravity Falls

    by ↠ Kyle · Arrow ↞

    Finn has always wanted to go to Gravity Falls after hearing of all the weird happenings from his friend, Dipper Pines. He finally gets his opportunit...

    possession, Fantasy

  • Last Moments

    by Copper Mouflon

    A 12-page mini comic created at a local comic session. This comic is rated M for Mature. The story is now completed so if you enjoy our comic the...

    possession, Fantasy

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