• im|mortal

    by Koriandr

    Im|mortal is a webcomic inspired by Russian folk tales about Koschey the Immortal and Ivan Tsarevich. Updates every week! WARNING: Sexual content, s...

    psychology, BL, Drama, Fantasy

  • Fucking Saturday!

    by Kitsune Chon

    In Dima's life everything is stable and quiet. Home-job-home. He perfectly adapted in this life, knowing how to hide himself. Dima has already decided...

    psychology, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • Trash King

    by Liyanya

    !!Reads left to right like western comics!! Roy is a popular but manipulative highschooler who dreams of being the school's next president,and to g...

    psychology, Comedy

  • The Princess Beast

    by 30knight

    [UPDATES TUESDAYS!] a dramatic, squishy, over the top magical girl shojo. The setting is based on Fairy tales and the comics I used to read as a ki...

    psychology, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Unintentional Game

    by Logihy

    Szanon Hailey wants to be friends with his classmate Alexis Go, who’s suffering from a mental illness. However, Szanon is unaware of her condition, so...

    psychology, Drama

  • Memoria

    by 2p-yx

    Yayu is a very shy and athletic girl, but she doesn't make much of an impression at school. So it's not surprising to hear that she has low self-estee...

    psychology, Horror

  • D-chan

    by zeroq_vern

    What do you hide behind your smile? Is it sadness? Pain? Fear? Anger? Or the smile is just a mask to hide your empty self? See life through the eyes ...

    psychology, Horror, Drama

  • Nyar I.D

    by Nio Kasgami

    In 2035, humanity has finally reached an incredible level of technology. War finally ceased and most diseases were cured. However, it was in the year ...

    psychology, Horror

  • Dead Tone

    by c.meld

    The world has been cracked open, and civilization is paying the price for being built on its blood. When Hadrian sets his sights on the monster that ...

    psychology, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Syoma and Lyova / S&L

    by Kyul_hu

    https://linktr.ee/ksyul_hu Regularly Lyova has fights with his boyfriend Anton, because of he’s cheating on him. But every time Lyova forgives him ...

    psychology, Romance, BL, Drama

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