• Himawari Share

    by hamini

    Himawari Share follows the lives of three international students living together in Tokyo. Join our heroines as they struggle with the language barrie...

    race, Slice of life

  • Going Overboard!

    by KASH Comics

    When his boss volunteers him to fill in for an injured pit crew member, Duncan, an apprentice mechanic, is forced to work with Conlin, a talented boat...

    race, Romance

  • Oscillating Profundities

    by TeddyHose

    https://facebook.com/OscillatingProfundities oscillatingprofundities@gmail.com Funny because it's true...painfully true. Hilarity ensues every Tue...

    race, Comedy

  • University of Speed

    by MappyPaint

    13-year old Mapherry Wilson was home-schooled his entire life. That is, until he was enrolled by his cousin to a University built by a giant automobil...

    race, Action

  • Give us this day our Daily Bread

    by AlexanderAL

    After the Assassination of President Obama, and an inevitable World War 3 as a result, The KKK seek to exterminate the negro race from earth. How will...

    race, Action

  • TAOFEWA - A rare gem

    by LokeHansen

    TAOFEWA - A rare gem is the 2nd book in the TAOFEWA storyline. A rare gem start where "Born of Fire" ends, but from a new perspecive. A rare gem follo...

    race, Fantasy

  • Pigment

    by Amelia_Vale

    **COMPLETE NOVELLA** In which a man raised to believe in his father's morals learns through tragedy and redemption how love is colorblind and equal...

    race, Drama

  • Stratosphere

    by The Raging Aviator

    Please disable adblock for Tapastic. Ads support creators! On the night of her troupe's performance, Lara Goulding's life is destroyed when her ent...

    race, Action

  • Skyline Racers

    by HopCrop

    One of a small number of squatters living illegally in an otherwise empty city, Aston wants to make a name for himself as a skyliner, an urban runner ...

    race, Science fiction

  • Reindeer Games

    by Robyn Haley

    What happens when the source of Santa's power to travel around the world in one night is discovered? Why, no-holds-barred reindeer racing, of course...

    race, Action

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