• The Next Reaper

    by Deus Jet

    In a not too distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place... What happens when the Watchers of our world abandon us? When Death is too old t...

    sins, Fantasy

  • Summoned

    by ArtieFartie

    A girl named Rosie summons the demon Mammon who is rebelling against his father, Lucifer. They become friends: chaos ensues

    sins, Fantasy

  • Hella Good

    by Chiipi

    Nothing hurts like the first heartbreak. Specially if you're a naive babygirl who believes in magic. And looks for "healing rituals" online. Aaaand en...

    sins, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Celestial Sins ES

    by Balsyka

    Levi es descendiente de un gran demonio pero ha sido degradada hasta el nivel más bajo -Custodia de un humano. Debido a esto decide convertir a su hum...

    sins, GL

  • All the Pretty Little Horses

    by Charamath

    All the Pretty Little Horses is a story about Iun, a girl charged with caring for the horses of the apocalypse.

    sins, Fantasy

  • Satan's Bluff

    by Foodie Stamps

    Tetra loses her parents and it sends her entire life out of control.. Will thing's ever be the same? I guess not.

    sins, Drama

  • Sins of the Seven Demons

    by Merui

    You are an exchange student at the Royal Academy of Diavolo, an academy of demons. There you encountered seven demon brothers who changed your life. H...

    sins, Fantasy

  • Hunters: The Dark Arrivals

    by Tycade

    It's a strange, dark world out there... Luckily, Landon carries a sword (or two) around everywhere he goes! Join the demon hunter/Ice cream parlor own...

    sins, Action

  • RevivalPsalm

    by SdeeyS

    A collections of stories about angles and demons and encounters between God and men

    sins, Fantasy

  • Imaginary Friends

    by Sav

    Having Imaginary Friends is defined as the phycological phenomenon where a friendship takes place in the imagination rather than physically. But w...

    sins, Fantasy

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