by van-chan

    Bonus manga pages...

    spoof, Comedy

  • Fickle Theatre

    by Dan Markowitz

    Cops who are one day away from retirement, families that will inherit a fortune if they spend one night in their late uncle's haunted mansion, conga l...

    spoof, Comedy

  • A Rough Sketch

    by Nerdicon

    A Rough Sketch is the planning stage when drawing. But here? Its all about comedy and often tragedy. I parody my favourite science fiction and pop cul...

    spoof, Comedy

  • NoFiles

    by Akane Hoshigaki

    [Warning! It's featuring homosexuals people as protagonist] Please support me on https://www.patreon.com/Akanehoshifgaki?ty=h I'm also on deviant ar...

    spoof, Action

  • Uber Sue: Attack of the Mary Sues

    by Mayshing

    What happens when you give regular characters all the cliche attributes and overkill anime abilities? Hilarious insanity that's what! ~ << Read Ri...

    spoof, Comedy

  • FANdemonium!

    by Sam Noir

    Pop SPOOFS in a cultural vein! PARODY and SATIRE as you like it. Dave Franciosa http://www.davefranciosa.com Sam Noir http://sam-noir.tumblr.co...

    spoof, Comedy

  • Kid Quicksand

    by Tyler Mann

    If Indiana Jones was gay, you'd get Kid Quicksand! An Adventure Serial spoof about a guy with mud superpowers, trying to defeat Doctor Kinkshame, a vi...

    spoof, BL, Action, Comedy

  • the dead boy of sleepy hills

    by grumpyGrump

    strange things are happening in martin's hometown of sleepy hills.

    spoof, Comedy

  • Super Spoof

    by JEFFW

    ... or Spoofer! then again maybe not... The Ordinary Life of the Superheroes.

    spoof, Comedy

  • High School Day Dreams

    by Seiyalover

    Spoof short comic about two boys confessing their love. This is as bad as it gets, do not read if you expect this story to be a serious one. Kevin ...

    spoof, Romance

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