• Star Crossed Love

    by Crimson Chains

    A love story about a King and his knight. Polaris is the king of the stars who paints the very constellations into being in order to protect the heave...

    star_crossed, Romance, BL

  • Confessions

    by Bsienk

    •See Patreon to support the conclusion!• The year is 1978. Jimmy carter is president. The Cold War is ongoing. Computers for the average consumer i...

    star_crossed, Drama

  • The Witch's Grove

    by ruthie

    "Beware the Witch in the woods." A long time ago, Louis swore he would never go near the Witch's grove. One frigid spring night, he broke that prom...

    star_crossed, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Twelve Dancing Princes

    by sogosogo

    Being a crown princess comes with lots of perks, but freedom isn't one of them. But you can't exactly be picky, right? Especially when there's twelve ...

    star_crossed, Comedy, Romance, Drama

  • Treaties and Lies

    by Emzkii

    Lord Silencer Kage is a powerful demon, head of an elite group of demons known as 'The Silencers', police of all other-worlder's. The balance has slo...

    star_crossed, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

  • SkyDove

    by INeedACreativeName

    Braxton Skydove is a wealthy middle-aged man of the Empire. He hadn't had much interest in anything or anyone since his previous relationship and now ...

    star_crossed, Romance, Action, Drama

  • The Ocean's Embrace

    by massgamer502

    TL;DR: If there are two chapters, read chapter one as the description, please. The description was originally the part of the first chapter, but I ke...

    star_crossed, Fantasy, Romance