• Gangers Combate

    by Paulo Gutemberg

    O Brasil foi alvo de um ataque terrorista com proporções catastróficas, o governo decide investir em uma nova tecnologia contra ataques Cyber Robótico...

    terrorism, Action

  • The Code Word Is

    by HealyMae

    Social reject Meursault Le Corre is recruited into the mysterious and infamous Hero-Class military camp. Fortunately for him, this is exactly what he ...

    terrorism, Science fiction


    by Izzy Medrano

    In a dark, near future, an untouchable caste of networked terrorist/ hostages operate as modern day slaves. Following orders to steal, terrorize, and ...

    terrorism, Drama

  • War on Magic

    by Darren Cullen

    Do you remember when David Copperfield made the twin towers disappear?

    terrorism, Comedy

  • Terrorist? The Stages of Hope

    by Monmouth Comics

    With a super-volcano at Yellowstone now active, the fate of the world is at stake. Believing that the plan set forward to deal with this potential dis...

    terrorism, Drama

  • Rage of Fire

    by Staria

    For 52 years, the Kingdom of Crystal and the Island of Volcano have battled fiercely against each other. Citizens of their respective kingdoms harbor ...

    terrorism, BL, Fantasy, Action

  • No Authority: Outside the Law

    by kwadwokansah

    In a world where humans share society with satans, humanoids with horns and tails that can manipulate the soul.

    terrorism, Action

  • El Diablo

    by B Abhishek

    Frank McDon the finest of federal protective service is killed in action investigating the serial murderer El Diablo who is responsible for seven high...

    terrorism, Mystery

  • Badge of The Abandoned

    by Avvy

    Cambodian Americans are stranded in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan. How did it all happen to end where they are now? And can they ever go ba...

    terrorism, Drama