There was a car from a futuristic city with a race track in a stadium where people competed on hovercrafts. There were thin robots with small propellers like legs and rectangular heads that looked like cameras. Helmeted mechanical robots and those of the press waited at the finish line. In the stands were robots with colored heads that cheered. And robots that narrated the race from a floating platform in the center of the stadium.

–R.T here! We have a beautiful bright day, perfect for running! Our competitors have given a lot of excitement –said a narrator with red tie and a microphone.

–Well said friend –replied the other narrator who watch the race using hiz eyes like binoculars –and heres your dear B.T. Many competitors have participated! But only a few have achieved first place!

Some teenagers competed in the race doing various maneuvers.

–Who knows what surprises await us in this race!

Suddenly . A older man appears running at the entrance to the track.

–What's up ladies and gentlemen? A funny looking gentleman entered in the track towards the finish line! –exclaimed R.T.

–And this is not like the others –said R.B –This man seems to be covered in metal! He surely is a street dancer.

The metal man went to the finish line. The passing competitors were surprised when they reached the finish line and tried to dodge it. But one of them crashes into the metal man and they stumble. The robots in the stands were amazed. The press watched in amazement and took photos. The metallic man in the suit saw the camera of a robot. And he got scared when he saw his reflection in the lens. After the flash, some Flecs came out of the camera lens. They had suits on and were holding some strange handcuffs. one it was afro-american looking. He had braids that looked like chains. The other was Simon's reflection, with her hair up in a ponytail.

-Let's go from here! –said one of the passengers fleeing to the door of the car.

The older man's reflection tried to run, but he was quickly apprehended.

–Hold on friend. It's the end of the line –said the partner of Simon's reflection. He put handcuffs on the man that worked magnetically.

–The end of the line? Really? –Said Simon Flec.

–I thought it was good for the occasion –replied his partner.

–Let's go now –Simon Flec replied.

The Flecs get back to the camera lens along with the detainee.

–The metal men entered back to the camera! It seems that those things really stole your soul! We told you there would be surprises in this race ladies and gentlemen! –said R.T

The Flecs appeared back to their mirror world within a chromatic base. In it were several Flecs working in their rooms. Simon Flec and his partner took the prisoner to one of their superiors who was a faceless flec.

–Vaya. The newbies finally caught it. –said the superior Flec –I thought it would take a little longer. I think I lost the bet. –Keep up catching more fugitives and it won't take long for you to move up the ranks. Although in my case I would like them to stop appearing.

The older man reflection got nervous.

–We take care of this. He will be imprisoned and tried. You go to the boss. He has prepared a special mission for you –he said to the newbies. They were somewhat confused. Then they go with the boss.

The newbies Flec get in an elevator in the main room.

–What do you think the boss has prepared for us this time? –Asked the partner.

–I don't know. Maybe another slow fugitive –Said Simon Flec.

–Maybe. –said his partner –These men do not recognize our talent. But they'll be surprised when we're the fastest newbies to get promoted.

–Sure –replied Simon Flec –and finally we'll be in the special forces

–Well said my friend! –reply the partner

–Although it is strange to me that there are so many fugitive reflections long before we arrived. Did that ever intrigue you? –Asked Simon Flec.

–Not really – said the partner –The chrome car has been around for a long time. I was not surprised that the reflections tried to escape through there.

–Yeah, but it wasn't until just a few years ago that the number increased since the reflection of a girl was erased by killing two high-ranking Flecs, according to the department. –said Simon's Flec –The number of escape attempts should not have increased. Should diminished.

–I am not an expert, my friend. –said the partner –and the guys don't like to talk about it. But I would help you if things would get intense.

–Don't promise me that. It does not work. I said this from experience. –Said Simon's Flec.

Believe me! –replied his partner –Even if a girl tried to kill us, I would still be your partner. –said the partner

–Thanks, I guess –said Simon Flec.

They finally get to the boss floor and they walk to his office.

–You called us sir? –said Simon Flec.

–Yes. –said the boss. It was a Flec if face with a side cut on the forehead –I know you are just beginners and have been catching common runaways. But this time I need them for a very important mission. More than anything to you. –Drew the chief to Simon Flec.

–Why me sir? –replied.

–This runaway reflection is not like the others. It is big and very fast. And I think it may look familiar –said the chief. Simon Flec was confused.

–These are images from the last time it was seen. Do you recognize her? –He said as he showed the photos on his desk.

–It just can't be. It's the reflection of Tuba –said Simon Flec surprised.

–The gorilla that killed your person? –asked his partner –but this have a hat. A very elegant one.

Indeed –replied the boss –We thought it was lost until recently. We think that since both of their people knew each other, you could help us catch her.

Simon Flec was left thinking.

–Was on the run for a long time. –said the boss. My partner and I chased after him. And then it killed him. It threw him off the train tracks. And was also who did this to my head. Was ordered to be deleted. –Simon Flec was surprised.

–If you do this, both can be promoted to special forces. Accept the mission? –asked the boss

Simon Flec I was doubting. But he also thought of turning to be in the special forces more than anything. He clenched his fist.

–We accept, sir –said Simon Flec.