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Once a bestselling novel, now a bestselling comic. Produced by Tapas, The Beginning after the End comic is a fantasy/action series that has found great success on our platform, having been viewed millions of times. It has been translated into 6 languages, topping the trending charts of online publishers around the world. Recently the series has even become a hit audiobook - and all of this began with one person's imagination and hard work.

We are proud to have helped this series find the success and community it deserves. There are many more amazing stories waiting to be discovered, and at Tapas Media, we want to help your imagination take flight. We're here to help storytellers publish their work, build fan communities, and earn rewards from their creative labor.

If you have a story to tell, let Tapas Media help you share it with the world.


  • Chang Kim

    CEO + Founder

  • Yoon Kim


  • Michael Son

    VP of Content

  • HY Kim

    Software Engineer

  • Suzy Kim

    Head of Product

  • Thomas Song

    Android Engineer

  • Gabby Luu

    Head of Studio Tapas

  • Lindsey Li

    Tapas China General Manager

  • Brooke Huang

    Creative Executive

  • Jackie Martinez

    Head of Content Marketing

  • Hayden Robel

    Head of Originals Production

  • Kaye Lau

    Content Editor

  • Cain Stone

    Community Manager

  • Eunseo Jang

    UI Designer

  • Seolhee Lee

    Content Editor

  • Tessa Murphy

    Managing Editor

  • Steve Hwangro Lee

    Software Engineer

  • Charlie Huh

    VP of Growth and Monetization

  • Tara de Lis

    Head of Content Operations

  • Zhao Zhao

    Content Editor

  • Cynthia Kim

    Content Assistant

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