• Self-Promo Assets: Create Your Own Promo

    Jan 20, 2021

Hello, Tapastry creators! 

For this event, you will have the opportunity to create self-promotional material for your series and a chance to win 5,000 ink (supportable ink, not bonus ink)! Please see the bottom of this newsletter for more details about our raffle.

At Tapastry, one of our main goals is to see the entire community thrive. That's why we're so thrilled to be releasing assets to help creators produce their own promotional materials that can engage readers on social media while also driving traffic to their comics and novels. There are many different methods for you to self-promote your series. Today, the Tapastry Team will share one method with you, but please look forward to more workshops in the future. 

We have created a set of assets that are free to use for any creator on Tapas.

Preview of the assets. Please check the asset folder to view all of them.

How to Create your Own Promo

Using these pre-made assets, you can easily create your own self-promo in less than five minutes! Within the asset folder, we have also included "New Release" and "New Episode" banners.

Simply take your cover art or any art from your series that you like. Using the assets of your choice, overlay them on top. It doesn't require any new art unless you want it to. You can use different programs or applications to make animated gifs that can help your self-promo stand out. Scroll down to see Ivan Skilling's example which utilizes gifs excellently! It's important that you follow the recommended dimensions for social media platforms to optimize your post's visibility. 

Instagram’s ideal dimensions are as follows:
Feed Posts
1080 px by 1080 px
1080 px by 1350 px
1080 px by 608 px
Story Posts
1080px by 1920px

Twitter's recommended aspect ratio for timeline:
16:9 or 1024 x 512 pixels
1080px by 1920px

Once you're done, post your self-promo on social media using hashtags relevant to your series and #tapastryTCC so we can find your post. Posting on social media not only notifies your existing followers but also has the potential to draw in new readers! That's why it's so important to optimize your usage of hashtags as it increases your posts' discovery potential. You can discover popular hashtags by investigating posts of other creators in your genre!

Now let's check out some examples of our assets in use!




Raffle Rules:
• There will be 10 randomly selected winners of 5,000 ink.
• 1 submission per person.
• No purchase is required to enter the raffle.
• Use at least one of our assets and post it on Instagram OR Twitter using the hashtag #tapastrypromo (this hashtag is only for the sake of entering the raffle. Please feel free to post multiple promos, but only use this hashtag once). We will not be able to count Instagram or Twitter stories as submissions due to its temporary nature. Thank you for your understanding.
• The submission deadline to join the raffle is February 4, 2021 at 11:59 PM PDT. All winners will be notified via PM on Instagram or Twitter by February 10, 2021. You may continue to use these assets even after the deadline. The deadline is only for the purpose of the raffle. 

Thank you!

Your Creator Happiness Team

Isabell & Victoria