• Tapas Community 101

    Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to Tapas Community!

Tapas Community is our home for independent webcomic and webnovel creators publishing free-to-read series on the Tapas platform. We have a huge selection of series to read, from a variety of genres to culturally diverse stories.

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Interested in becoming a creator yourself? We have plenty of resources to get you started:

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How To Publish on Tapas

Tutorials by Creators, for Creators

As you grow as a creator, we offer ways for our creators to get paid for publishing all their hard work on our platform!

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We have plenty of ways to get involved in the Tapas Community. Whether you are a creator or reader, join our official Discord server where we host many fun activities such as art challenges, writing prompts, creator panels, and chat about all things Tapas! 

We also have the Tapas Community Creator Fund, a $20,000 fund where passionate and active members of our community are awarded for their contributions towards the community. 

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The Tapas Community team’s mission is to showcase our diverse community of creators and the amazing stories we host on Tapas. Be sure to follow our social media to learn tips on how to grow as a creator, discover unique storytellers on our platform, and be notified of all the fun happenings in our community.