• Inksgiving 2022 is Here! November 21st - 23rd

    Nov 03, 2022

Inksgiving 2022 is Here! November 21st - 23rd

Welcome to our annual Inksgiving! Join us in our favorite tradition here at Tapas and give back to our wonderful community of creators. 

For 48 hours, starting from Monday, November 21st, 3 PM PT to Wednesday, November 23rd, 3 PM PT, every drop of Ink given to any creator on Tapas will contribute to the overall goal of 20 million drops of Ink. This is the week of Thanksgiving, save the date!

Make sure to wait until 3 PM PT on November 21st to start donating; any Ink given prior to this time will NOT count towards the goal.

For each goal we reach, Tapas will give back a certain percentage of the Ink* contributed by supporters. For example, if we hit our goal of 20 million drops of Ink, you will receive 20% of your contribution in Ink back if you supported, after 30 days! 

*Ink used to unlock episodes will not count towards the overall goal, only Ink used to Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Inksgiving? 

Inksgiving is about celebrating all the diverse voices, stories, and creators that have found a home on Tapas. This is a community-driven event where all members of the Tapas community, from readers to creators to staff, are encouraged to Support creators through the gifting of Ink.

What should creators do? 

Spread the word! Rally the support of your fans and readers and explain how they can Support with Ink (i.e. an episode in your series, a post on your wall, or a social media post, using the hashtag #Inksgiving2022). We've created a small support package, including templates to help you announce Inksgiving to your fans! Get all the details HERE. Remind your readers to wait until 3 PM PT on November 21st to start donating; any Ink given prior to this time will NOT count towards the goal.

How can readers participate? How do I Support a creator with Ink?

Buy or earn some Ink and then start thinking about which creators you want to Support! We’ll be running a special promotion for Ink during Inksgiving, so don’t forget to check our Ink shop! You can also earn Ink by watching videos or completing other special promotions. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how you can earn free Ink on the mobile app. 

Locate your favorite creator's Support button on their series page or profile (on the mobile app or website) to send them Ink along with an encouraging message!

On the website: Go to your favorite creator’s series. On the right-hand side just next to their creator icon, you’ll be able to find the Support button.

On the mobile app: Go to your favorite creator’s series. Located on the bottom navigation row is the Support button, which will take you to the Support page. 

What happens during the event? 

There will be a custom landing page to track the progress and major milestones of the event as well as read positive support messages flooding in from fans in real-time. Fans and readers, this is your time to shine. 

Anything else I need to know?

Our Discord server is the best way to keep up to date with all our community events to celebrate Inksgiving! Be sure to join and follow our other social media channels for updates on our Ink milestone goals.

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For any additional questions, please direct them to the #Inksgiving-2022 channel in our Discord server. We look forward to seeing you there! Happy Inksgiving! 

- Team Tapas