• The Pirate and the Princess

    by Sapphire

    Princess Kirianna of Altira has been raised for one purpose; marriage and succession. A dutiful, intelligent, and optimistic girl, she came to terms w...

    18th_century, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Black Forest

    by Stevie Wilson

    Our story is about a young man who didn't plan on being a werewolf but now is, he finds himself forced to live with his new "pack" and we get to watch...

    18th_century, Drama

  • The Poet and the Flea

    by G. E. Gallas

    A reimagining of the life of the poet-painter William Blake. Set in 1790, at the onset of The Industrial Revolution, William suffers from the death of...

    18th_century, Horror, Drama

  • The Paul Reveres

    by enshogirl

    The American Revolution was fought as a battle of the bands. Follow a teenage Paul Revere and his band while they navigate life, liberty, and PUNK ROC...

    18th_century, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Ulrika

    by Telênia Albuquerque

    This is based on the real story of Ulrika Stålhammar and Maria Löhnman in 18th century Sweden.

    18th_century, LGBTQ+

  • Royal Blood

    by chanalli.

    -Currently in hiatus. Will come back somas this year. Thank You!- Prince Landon is the next successor to the crown and everyone, specially the parli...

    18th_century, Fantasy

  • Vesna

    by lebakarau

    Sonia has everything she could wish for. Unfortunately, she loses all of this overnight when she wakes up in the body of a stranger with features simi...

    18th_century, Drama, Mystery, Science fiction

  • In Our Time

    by MISOO

    Two Prince, one kingdom. What will happen if the two of them fought for the throne? and more importantly, to take the hand of the Duke's daughterã…¡ Sol...

    18th_century, Romance, Drama

  • Acapella Romantic Times

    by LaTor

    A collection of short romantic stories, forever captured throughout all of time.

    18th_century, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Cirque du Soul

    by Hanimation

    A mysterious circus cast spend their boring lives entertaining the gloomy souls of Limbo. That is, until one day, when the ringmaster, Jerome Barnaby,...

    18th_century, Fantasy

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