• All Shook Up!

    by PastelPrizm

    This is a story about two boys named John and David equal in height but opposite in personality. This is their story;one mixed with a girl, good music...

    1950s, BL

  • Rebel Rouser

    by S.Ratt & EBJ

    Set in a loose 1950s era. Self proclaimed treasure hunter Aiden Breaux comes across Rosie on the first day of summer while he searches for three myste...

    1950s, Fantasy

  • Gentle Sins

    by mandyyy

    Vanessa is a sex worker in 1950’s London. She’s content with life, until she meets a female client that she can’t get out of her mind.

    1950s, GL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Over the Knife

    by daysofsuturepast

    Trauma surgeon Rush Northcutt survived the Korean War by dreaming of Maine. Med student Virginia Cooper is thrown headlong into a Maine nightmare. W...

    1950s, Action, Drama, Mystery

  • Moonlighter

    by James Francis

    By day Thomas Whistler is the dutiful manager of The George Hotel, popular with the upper crust of British society. By night he moonlights as a masked...

    1950s, Romance, Drama, Mystery

  • SAiNT

    by BonArt

    In a world that has moved beyond myth & magic, a young boy and his giant robot fight against a shadowy organization bent on ruling the world. Updat...

    1950s, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Mountain's End

    by James L.

    Some places are best left obscure and forgotten. Bai Jing and Han Xianyang are two scouts sent to survey and report back about a quaint village that...

    1950s, Horror

  • Ascendants: Tides of the Morn

    by Senefer

    I lived in the grand city of Torino. We survived the Second World War, tyranny and gain freedom to rebuild a glorious town. My family was at the cent...

    1950s, Fantasy


    by Kory Ander

    Max's life changes after tragic things start to happen, can he live a happily again? And what exactly is behind that giant wall next to his beloved ci...

    1950s, Horror, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • After the Afterlife

    by Liliowy

    Welcome to After the Afterlife! With a family-run business we'll get you or your relatives to pass onto the next step after death. Send us a letter an...

    1950s, Slice of life

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