• Thin Ice

    by hoodwinked

    One day, Cale wakes up in the body of an unfortunate cannon fodder character that appears in the popular novel 'Fire & Ice', a world in which everyone...

    Elemental_Magic, BL, Fantasy, Slice of life

  • [ENG] Mérion

    by July Lix

    A magical continent lost in wars, one by one the kingdoms of Merion join them. The capital, Mirandir, appears to be the next target for an attack from...

    Elemental_Magic, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

  • Omega Twins

    by Kay R Smith

    "Omega rank already causes a person to stand apart in power from normal Were ranks. Add in the Wiccan powers... and you both stand out even more." ​ ...

    Elemental_Magic, Fantasy

  • The Way of The Stick

    by Ghajestis

    Cole, a martial artist and controller of element(s), is attending his classes to learn how to use Fire magic when a terrorist group attacks his school...

    Elemental_Magic, Action, Science fiction

  • Anecdotes

    by Hawkpoppy

    A group of merchants travels the countryside and kingdoms of a place I made up in middle school. Updates every Saturday The stories are short, b...

    Elemental_Magic, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • N-Class Huntsma

    by LRBG

    Planet Gaia is blessed by four magical elements — Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Around the world, there exist people who have the ability to channel th...

    Elemental_Magic, Fantasy, Science fiction, Romance

  • Rage of Fire

    by Staria

    For 52 years, the Kingdom of Crystal and the Island of Volcano have battled fiercely against each other. Citizens of their respective kingdoms harbor ...

    Elemental_Magic, BL, Fantasy, Action

  • The Folks Whisper

    by Art.Z.Kate

    What if you discovered that you're not just a daughter of rich parents? What if I tell you that there's a power in your blood? And what if this power ...

    Elemental_Magic, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • Galaxy Girl

    by elleynawastaken

    For the Paarvati People, few moments are as joyous as one's coming of age ceremony. This year's festival, however, has been stained by tragedy. A youn...

    Elemental_Magic, Fantasy, Action, Drama

  • Flames of Navaria

    by nessayoks

    The story the've known their whole lives was a lie. Magic is becoming unstable. They will come together to fix the legends and restore the origin of m...

    Elemental_Magic, BL, LGBTQ+

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