• Cheese and Wine

    by dandelion.

    Jocelyn Brown just scored a job at one of the biggest companies, Wine, and gets to work alongside her best friend, Katia Lares. Life seems to be going...

    strong_female_lead, Romance

  • Im Not Having Your Child

    by Roxephom

    An unfortunate whitch being haunted cause of a profecy of she becoming next saint's motter.

    strong_female_lead, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Lycaon's Curse

    by Kaira Faolan

    Getting through high school is hard enough for most people, Tala just has it a little harder than most. Living as the runt of a large Shifter pack can...

    Strong_female, Fantasy

  • Ace of Their Hearts

    by Bex

    The last thing Charlotte wanted to spend her summer doing was exploring a magical, foreign land. When she wanders through a portal one July afternoon,...

    strong_female_lead, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • Fatal Flaw

    by kwoksasha

    Smoking hot Eli Lily is a top medical student with genius she can't show. Recently broken up with her long-time girlfriend, she's also a horny klutz. ...

    strong_female_lead, Comedy

  • The Time I Got Isekai-ed

    by Bex

    Before her untimely death, Emily Smith was a normal college freshman with a love for isekai. Then she died and ended up in the trashy, cliche web comi...

    strong_female_lead, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

  • Mob Boss Material

    by brokebeans

    Erica is the only daughter of a powerful mob boss of the Sandoval Mafia Family and eldest of her siblings. Her Dream is to become the next Boss but he...

    strong_female_lead, Action, Mystery, Drama

  • Blades And Magic

    by BlackFeather~

    When the most prestigious school, Blades academy extends their invite to her village, giving her the chance of a lifetime. Succeeding in the entrance ...

    strong_female_lead, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

  • Mon'Ter

    by meganovel123

    Elyenora is the sole princess of Benulis Kingdom, and a Knight of it. Or at least, she Was. After her father's apparent death, the prince, Aydian, too...

    strong_female_lead, Fantasy, Action

  • Eri Lee Silent

    by rjohn017

    Eri Lee Silent details the events leading up the the War of the Innocent that official began in 2048. At fifteen years old, Eri Lee had nothing on h...

    Strong_Female_Protagonist, Action, Romance, Drama

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