• Remember Me

    by BABYbluez

    A part-time barista striving to become a professional comic script writer, Yeongjae Kim believes he’s about to make his project finally happen when he...

    Writer, Drama

  • Bestseller

    by umstansich

    Keenan wrote a novel that suddenly became a successful world hit, and at the same time damages the relationships between people involved in it.

    Writer, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Cafe Mode

    by Rosakaz

    Mirembe couldn't have imagined that needing to change her favourite cafeteria would lead to anything good – how wrong she could be. Meeting Colin,...

    Writer, Romance

  • RoomMates

    by GrantfordCas

    {Turn off ADBlock please!} Lucio Guillermo is a 19 year old College student living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with his 22 year old roommate Eri...

    Writer, Romance


    by InZanity

    DRAFT features the daily lives of an Artist and a Writer who live together in an apartment. With their clashing personalities, weird things and hilari...

    Writer, Comedy

  • BoopleDoodles

    by Tori Sharp

    Boople is an enthusiastic bunny who writes books and stays caffeinated. Sometimes she gives croissants to flamingos.

    Writer, Comedy

  • Broke Ninjas

    by CDao

    Sam, Chris, Red, and their little brother Mackie are ninjas...who are broke.

    Writer, Comedy

  • Purrs and Fangs

    by Amythecatsplace

    The vampire Onyx has had a crush on his caretaker, Starburst who is a catboy, not long after the cat started working for him, but what will happen whe...

    Writer, BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Plain and Awesome

    by YeOldHermit

    My normal everyday life and all things plain and awesome. Have fun reading. "Rainbows are made through the rain and sunshine."

    Writer, Slice of life

  • Stupid

    by WrappedInABlanket

    I walked up to a man taller than me (obviously), I'm only 4'11. I tugged on his sleeves and he craned his neck to look down, "Yes, little girl?" "Wh...

    Writer, Romance

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