• The Black Belt Society

    by IndigoShirtProd

    A Goddess is missing. . . And her three sisters have lost hope in finding her. Almost all hope. Their last resort is to call on three teens from th...

    air, Action, Fantasy

  • The Elysian Chronicles

    by Solarseptum

    Micah had the good life until he started getting these weird dreams about the Gods. Together with his friends Aerin, Petros and Circe he is on a quest...

    air, Fantasy

  • Warriors of Harmony

    by snowyroxx22

    In a world where people control elemental powers, eight warriors are chosen every generation to protect the kingdoms. But when Litzia, queen of the Ic...

    air, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Infinite

    by Asorensen

    Akira and his friends attend a school for those who can control the forces of nature, until one day a new girl arrives with mysterious and new powers....

    air, Fantasy

  • The Phoenix of Hope

    by Kimberly

    Once upon a time, there was a war. Demons, the definition of fear, anger, hatred, and evil, were devastating lands far and wide, murdering and destroy...

    air, Fantasy

  • The Champions Trials

    by Lily Bat (they/them)

    A Prince trying to find his place in the world as well as uphold his duties as the next ruler of his Kingdom, has his world thrown upside down. With ...

    air, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Air-Heart

    by Adventures of Toad

    Join pilot Amelia (Codename: Air-Heart) and her faithful sidekick Joey as they protect the fantastic sky world of Avion!

    air, Action

  • Shattered

    by Kimberly

    The story of a girl with amnesia, a group of students who cannot control their magic, and the creatures that fled from another world, all fighting aga...

    air, Fantasy

  • The Battalion

    by Spotty001

    Updates every Friday! A military-fantasy webcomic about a teenage girl with unusual abilities - and an attitude to match. Snarky know-it-all Hie...

    air, Fantasy

  • Huntress

    by Kimberly

    [Coming 2018] Their lies, their taunts Their laughs, their screams Forever in mourning Clouding their dreams A shadow of glory Is al...

    air, Fantasy

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