• TWB (Archive)

    by Yon

    TWB will be rereleased on the 2nd of February at : https://tapas.io/series/The-Witchs-Bakery

    bakery, Fantasy

  • The Witch's Bakery

    by Yon

    Base 9 Granny Snap's Bakery is famous for selling a huge variety of breads, pastries and sweet treats,helped by her two grandchildren, Dragon Snap a...

    bakery, Fantasy

  • Neapolitan Parfait

    by inkglaze

    The daily life of three people who work in a café they live above and are really in love with each other. Will be mostly romance/slice of life wit...

    bakery, Slice of life

  • Blood and the Art of Baking

    by Eve

    Gomez Glass has gone missing. His sister Joanna will do anything to find him, including accepting help from Sam Brick, a vampire cartoonist who doesn...

    bakery, Romance

  • Tout Sweet

    by Schlissel

    Vi the fox and their wife Lucy run a bakery in a small town. They tackle the challenges of managing their busy bakery while making time in their lives...

    bakery, LGBTQ+


    by Hatteri

    A close relationship between a baker student and his mentor grows toxic. -Enter a mysterious Confectionery where people know how to sugarcoat the horr...

    bakery, Horror, Drama, Mystery

  • NicyBakery

    by Rozi

    You follow Brigadeiro's story, a boy with nothing special at all, but lucky enough to enter the Nicybakery school.

    bakery, BL

  • A Piece of Cake

    by suzukiPC

    A little comic about a girl named Cake and her family (most of which are named after pastries) Spend a day or two with Cake at their family bakery ...

    bakery, Slice of life

  • The Baker and the Blogger

    by Zoe Blessing

    When a food blogger receives an angry email from a baker, she can't help visiting the bakery to find out who this disgruntled person is. What she does...

    bakery, GL

  • Cupcake War Machine

    by MK_Wizard

    Warrick 101 Epsilon is one of many war machine androids who was created to fight in Earth's fourth world war, but after severe damage during his first...

    bakery, Comedy

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