• M.E.S.

    by PSR

    Kail is a boy who has always dreamed of epic adventures. One day he got the chance to leave his small village and finally face his own journey.

    druid, Fantasy

  • Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury


    Oi is the story of a young bard in ancient Ireland who gets sent to a tiny town in the north that's never heard music before.

    druid, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Recovery

    by Rini

    A story about friendship, mental health and well.. recovery. For banter and work in progress updates followme on twitter: https://twitter.com/rini...

    druid, Gaming

  • D&D stories - Candlebreakers

    by Mel Eisvogel

    A collection of stories, scenes, and adventures of the Dungeons and Dragons campaign we've dubbed 'Candlebreakers'. Pages created to recap and shar...

    druid, Fantasy

  • Root & Branch

    by Pink Pitcher

    Ariana’s journey continues, as she sets out across the human kingdom seeking a path to The Great Tree. Trouble is, none of the humans seem to have hea...

    druid, Fantasy

  • The Harder They Fall

    by OrangeSocksFox

    Androste, princess of Feur, is widely considered to be the kingdom's most sought after bride, much to her displeasure. Not that she has anything again...

    druid, Fantasy

  • Cat Trails

    by The StarfishKing

    (Updates Every Tuesday) The Cat Trail is a path stretching around the world that bends all the rules of science and magic. They say you need nine liv...

    druid, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Tides, Sides, and Snides

    by Monster Genome

    Cooglara is a goddess of three simple things. She makes the waters rise and fall as the moons and dark planet pass overhead; she is hospitable to thos...

    druid, Fantasy

  • Gaia’s Guardians

    by Meridusa Comics

    It is up to Gaia to discover who has violated the druid’s forest and where these strange creatures are coming from…But she can’t do it herself. Perh...

    druid, Action, Fantasy

  • Aspen Greenleaf

    by Sister_Potomus

    Aspen Greenleaf didn't ask for the life of an adventurer but when her mentor, a halfling druid named Mim, disappears she sees little choice. Now Aspen...

    druid, Fantasy

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