• Centralia 2050

    by Michelle

    Midori wakes up lost amidst the hi-tech metropolis of Centralia. Without memories, her only connection to this place is a mysterious girl from her dre...

    female_protagonist, Mystery

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    by Colourcloud

    A story about a girl and her Shadow being ripped apart, the mess that ensues and the people that try to fix it.

    female_protagonist, Fantasy

  • Kamikaze

    by Team Kamikaze

    What happens when the world's first heroine grows up 200 years after the end of the world? Two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the wo...

    female_protagonist, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • Midnight Furies

    by Jess Herron

    Zoe is an ex-basketball-ace forced by the death of her parents to drop out of school and support her brothers. Luckily, her mysterious friend Chase ca...

    female_protagonist, Romance, Action, Drama

  • Kingdom of Sun

    by Random Kelsey

    The only uncommon aspect of Persephone’s high school life is her unique name. She desires nothing more than quiet stability running her family’s orcha...

    female_protagonist, Fantasy, Drama

  • Death & the Maiden

    by J. van Santen

    A deadly unserious comic about a dead girl's everyday life after death. By the way: We're falling behind here on Tapas. For fresh episodes check out @...

    female_protagonist, Comedy

  • Rising Shards

    by Chiral

    When she suddenly grows fangs alongside strange new powers, Zeta Faleur has to adjust to life at Rising Shards, a Cani boarding school. Zeta sinks her...

    female_protagonist, GL, Fantasy, Slice of life

  • Bethellium

    by ABD

    UPDATES FRIDAY In a world where magic is almost extinct, there's still one hidden city where magic is being preserved. Follow the adventures of the...

    female_protagonist, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Sapphic Love

    by Sonya Starling

    Two young women discover and explore the sensuality of their bodies together, in a taboo, forbidden, and also thrilling affair. -- [It was fi...

    female_protagonist, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Lady Lioness

    by Tsukuyomi

    Pallas is a former noblewoman who one day wakes up in an unknown shore, after her boat got attacked by mistake. She somehow ends up working at the Lad...

    female_protagonist, Romance

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