• The land whispers

    by Aurora Hansen

    "The land whispers" is a collection of short stories loosely based off of Romanian folk tales.

    folk, Horror

  • Molly Bawn

    by owengent5

    A tale of tragedy and true love, following the verses of a 16th century Irish folk ballad

    folk, Romance

  • Les Piggies

    by Kari & Bailie of LP

    In Folkstown, where pigs are surprisingly human and humans are surprisingly… not, a naive teenager conspires against The Big Bad Wolf. Written by K...

    folk, Fantasy

  • The Palace of Tears

    by Michael Lomon

    On the ravaged earth of the far flung future, pockets of humanity strive for survival and glory. Old tales are reborn, eternal hungers stirred and...

    folk, Fantasy

  • Ulfserk

    by Athelscop

    The lands of the North are cold and wild. Tree-walkers worship her mystic trees, the Iron Folk camp and hunt on her shores, wolf packs roam her fields...

    folk, Fantasy

  • Anhangá

    by Wuta-Tumaki

    Anhangá conta as confusões na floresta que foram causadas quando Anhangá, o protetor dos animais, acaba acordando o temido Mapinguari que destrói tu...

    folk, Comedy

  • Curumim

    by Wuta-Tumaki

    Caipora e Curupira não param de brigar, e isso gera caos na floresta para os animais, tupis e outros seres como eles. E agora para deixar tudo mais co...

    folk, Comedy

  • O livro de Enya

    by Doorsarts

    Uma jovem misteriosa chamada Enya, sai em uma jornada para caçar terríveis criaturas chamadas Yais que espalham o caos e destruição pelo mundo. Diz...

    folk, Fantasy

  • DreamersEcho

    by JetFalco

    SUBSCRIBE to be the first to read new pages!!! The power of Dreams built the planet of Mondrea, but all that remains of that power is a whisper. Foll...

    folk, Fantasy

  • Dark Tome

    by Ian Chiofolo

    A comic of all things black metal.

    folk, Horror

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