• Growing Pains

    by chyang

    Just a regular person going through their growing years. Painfully. Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave any comments that you have.

    growing, Comedy

  • Grow as we go

    by graytonic

    When you have to spend time with your sibling.. - Genre : Drama, Slice of life, (BL) Reading : Right to left Updates : one page every two days!...

    growing, Drama

  • How To Deal With Life!

    by Finn

    Do you feel unsatisfied with the way your life is? Do you want to feel and be better, achieve your goals and glow-up? Then this comic is for YOU! :D ...

    growing, Slice of life

  • Froglet

    by Alexia Mohabir

    Mini comic on growing and that weird place between the end of childhood and beginning adulthood, based off a free-verse poem I wrote on my birthday la...

    growing, Slice of life

  • Growing up Aspie

    by thatonewolf

    A comic about the struggles/benefits of growing up with aspergers in a neurotypical world.

    growing, Slice of life

  • Still here?

    by sunxbea

    "I believe you can always try to be the best person you'd like to meet." Oliver Freedman, only 19 years old, is already one of the most famous writer...

    growing, Romance, Drama

  • The Kids aren't Alright

    by Al Folo

    Short intimate story based on the Offspring lyrics.

    growing, Drama, Slice of life

  • Ask Shard

    by Shard

    A photographic tutorial/diary for growing and caring for plants with varying success. Hopefully this will be of some use to those of you who don't hav...

    growing, Slice of life

  • Wings in the box

    by sakana

    Small graphic story about a young girl rediscovering her authentic self, dealing with problem of self-acceptance and seeing the world around her in it...

    growing, Fantasy

  • Relax

    by Rmcandy

    This is a short story about a middle school student named Julia. Julia knows first hand how hard it is sleeping with new born babies in the...

    growing, Fantasy