• Kitsune-Tsuki

    by FloorLego

    A girl wakes up in a strange hallway with nothing but a white yukata. She looks in front of her to see a fox mask held onto a wall by seals with stran...

    kitsune, Fantasy

  • Familiar

    by Bluu

    (please read right to left!) Caught in a life or death chase from a beast, Akigitsune is saved by a mysterious exorcist. With no home to return to, w...

    kitsune, Drama

  • Akayama no Hanabira

    by Bunnat

    Japanese Feudal Period; Sengoku Jidai - 1490 a.c Kou Yusuke and Seki TetsurĊ used to be best friends in their childhood, until a sad disagreement ...

    kitsune, Romance

  • Under the Skin

    by ToasterThief

    Just as Sasha the vampire and Yuka the kitsune manage to form an unlikely friendship, their lives are thrown into chaos by the discovery of a time-tra...

    kitsune, Drama

  • Dad's Guide to Raising Mythological Beings

    by Jyante

    Middle aged Eun finds three abandoned kittens and decides to take them in. But... They aren't ordinary kittens! This is a comic drawn all in marker, w...

    kitsune, Romance, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Daring Enchantment

    by TL Shay

    Kita is over 900 years old. That's pretty typical for a Fox Spirit, if he can change with the times, and Kita prides himself on just that. Now he liv...

    kitsune, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Kitsune Sho

    by K.R.Zinner

    Kitsune Sho follows the adventures of a small fox named Sho as he sets off to explore the world beyond his little island.

    kitsune, Fantasy

  • Satan Ninja 198X

    by Dravian & Safron

    An (NSFW) action-comedy urban fantasy comic illustrated by Jessica Safron and written by Adam Dravian and Jessica Safron. It's inspired by radical 19...

    kitsune, Action

  • Oni x Fox

    by Sefra 14

    Oni x Fox tells the stories of ongoing feuds between the two most influential clans in feudal Japan. Those who wear Oni masks, and those who wear Fox ...

    kitsune, Action, Comedy


    by Milacchi

    I am a vampire but I don't want to be one. I always hated what I was and now I'm putting an end to my current life. I hope someone can help me ... sav...

    kitsune, BL

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