• The Pirate Balthasar

    by Dedasaur

    Wilson Kane wins a fortune and his future bride at a game of dice from the former pirate Balthasar. When he decides to go and get the girl, the pirate...

    pirates, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Semiaquatic Love

    by elisp

    A young merman wants to get out of the sea and go on an adventure on land. Will he succeed? Maybe with the help of a certain pirate...

    pirates, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Pirate's Maid

    by tanvikun

    Ishi must find and save the prince from the ruthless pirates who has ravaged the palace. To her surprise, the captain of pirates just so happens to be...

    pirates, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Moon Child and Sun Knight

    by Ayu Sakata

    Cally's older brother Ciaran is the ideal prince: intelligent, charismatic, attractive, and with a powerful Dragongift that can move the seas. In othe...

    pirates, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Sea Legs

    by Neal D. Anderson

    Follow Aubrey, an unambitious Uni student who suddenly finds herself swept up into a world of pirates, treasure hunters and odd creatures!

    pirates, Fantasy

  • The Pirate and the Princess

    by Sapphire

    Princess Kirianna of Altira has been raised for one purpose; marriage and succession. A dutiful, intelligent, and optimistic girl, she came to terms w...

    pirates, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Driftwood

    by Helsenn & Crapaud

    "We're like two pieces of driftwood. Without the wood, because our ship is sinking. And without the drifting, because you can't swim." Sailing on the ...

    pirates, BL

  • Princess Shenmi

    by ColorfulCony

    Shenmi, daughter of an influencial chinese family, is bought by the japanese emperor Akiyama. Because of her precious talent as a battle sorceress he...

    pirates, Fantasy

  • Fish Kiss

    by Cassia

    Kai has been told his entire life of the monstrous creatures that live above the water. Because of Kai's curiosity, he ventures outside the safety of...

    pirates, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Unconvent

    by Eszter NT

    The fairly uncomplicated story of a lesbian child who is sent off to a convent to have her ungodly ways corrected. That works out about as well as you...

    pirates, Romance

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