• If I Die

    by Phyrnna

    << This manga reads right to left << ~Turn up the volume to listen to the soundtrack while reading!~ A story of love, death, and discovering one...

    suicide, Drama

  • The Devil's Lover [Mature]

    by Kino

    Nerd? Yes. Bullied? Yes. Depressed? Yes. Gay? Yes. Combining all four, Trance Wilson’s school life had been a living hell. But what if he can ask Hell...

    suicide, BL

  • Spiteful Medicine

    by Awnimator

    Julia Mills is just trying to get through her final year as a pre-med student, when she discovers a talking, disembodied head, with the psychic abilit...

    suicide, Comedy

  • Owl City

    by Aera Cura

    Three years have passed since his best friend, Lucas, fired his father's revolver on himself in his family's cornfield one frozen, Wisconsin night. Gi...

    suicide, BL

  • Skeletons in the Closet

    by Nanette

    Steven drowned. Now he has to live with that secret... -C O N T E N T W A R N I N G S- Suicide, Violence & Abuse, Existentialism, goofy skelet...

    suicide, Horror, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Ghostmeat

    by ♡ tina

    [Updates Friday, Reads L to R] Grieving a roommate's death leads Maria to a disgustingly unfamiliar place. A neon noir fairytale exploring the viole...

    suicide, Horror, Fantasy

  • Mamma, do we all go to hell?

    by BubooSenchan

    This is a little silent manga I did 1 year ago, please read as you read read traditional japanese manga (right to left).

    suicide, Horror

  • Hiddenfolk - A story of bullies and trolls

    by Hiddenfolk

    Lester Selman stands on a bridge, hundreds of feet above the raging river below. He is fifteen years-old. He won’t be the first kid from Hiddenfolk to...

    suicide, Fantasy

  • HeLL(P)-Bonus

    by Oliver Levang

    Short comics and bonus illustrations for the webcomic HeLL(P). By Harkill and Ckirean

    suicide, Slice of life

  • Six Issues

    by Dolly Grand

    After losing his parents and being abused, Thomas is learning how to enjoy his life again - something he thought was impossible for him, but then he m...

    suicide, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

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