• Alliance13:13

    by Calicopikachu

    Two girls are roommates. One is a supervillain, the other a superhero. And it all started with a bad joke and boob-punching her off a building. A sill...

    supervillains, Comedy

  • Kill Your Darlings

    by demure-serenity

    The Hero Headquarters has recently assigned A-tier hero Maroon to defeat and capture infamous supervillain Umbra. Everything happens as expected... ex...

    supervillains, Romance, Action, Mystery

  • Birth of a Sin

    by Coda Languez

    Ira Dante, the head of the largest crime family in Monterose, is a bloodthirsty woman who wields powers that are beyond human. When she falls for Tris...

    supervillains, Action, Romance, Horror

  • Shadow

    by LP

    Coral has always been a Super fanatic. She follows every story about local government-sanctioned hero, Red Giant, though half the headlines criticize ...

    supervillains, Science fiction

  • (rebooting) Tobi Baker and How Not to Be a Hero

    by feyturtle

    Tobi Baker and How Not to Be a Hero is a superpower action comic with LGBT+/Queer themes set in the near future (probably) about a teenage girl with a...

    supervillains, Action

  • SFC

    by Evoluzione

    -------Updated every Tuesday and Thursday!------ PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE Welcome to SFC, the greatest show on Earth. After losing 2 of ...

    supervillains, Action

  • Peacemaker Chronicles (2020)

    by Jalen ET

    A group of 4 people who meet in Vinyl City, a city of heroes, villains, monsters, corporations and corrupt scientists. In a world not as black and whi...

    supervillains, Action, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Match - Canceled

    by Nix

    Alex Williams is a 24 year old with the ability to generate and control fire. Since he discovered this ability, he wanted to become a superhero. But s...

    supervillains, Action


    by NUBEC

    A web comic series between NUBEC and SIAMESE RAT.

    supervillains, Slice of life

  • Mother of Villiany

    by Double D

    Elizabeth is a single mother raising a super genius toddler. When she's not the world's worst teacher. She's spreading chaos throughout the city unde...

    supervillains, Comedy

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