• Fucking Saturday!

    by Kitsune Chon

    In Dima's life everything is stable and quiet. Home-job-home. He perfectly adapted in this life, knowing how to hide himself. Dima has already decided...

    young_adults, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • The Feather Collector

    by Anthea

    An angel fell from paradise to a changed, shattered earth, now she delivery goods to communities all over! As she does, Jade searches for the feathers...

    young_adults, Slice of life, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • The Fox Prince

    by personaghost

    Prince Edwin has back problems and the whole kingdom knows it...although most people have it at one point or another. However, the reason for Edwin's ...

    young_adults, Fantasy

  • Oinkies

    by BerryChubs

    Tag along with Joy and her elder sister Hazel on their everyday “not-so dramatic” bumpy ride accompanied by their constant bickering over who stole th...

    young_adults, Comedy

  • Blue Remedy

    by Auntie Blue- BRC

    It's human nature to search for happiness... Nick and Friday, best friends and roommates in the metropolitan City (based on NYC), are doing their ...

    young_adults, BL, Drama, Slice of life

  • Codename: WTF?

    by Ethan

    4 Young adults, each gifted with special powers, find themselves sneaking around in shadows to keep balance to their town.

    young_adults, Slice of life

  • Me, you & the other one

    by Kate

    Rylie is ready to finish her university experience by landing first place on the national classical music interpretation award. To do that she needs t...

    young_adults, Romance, Slice of life

  • Root Of It All

    by aniyawoods14

    A 15-year-old girl named Jasmine Zambania life is changing ever since her grandmother's death. From her family separation and moving in a different ar...

    young_adults, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

  • Love Hearts

    by Kaiden

    A young 19-year-old girl named Erin and her boyfriend, Lucas, go on a camping trip to a place that was recommended to them by a magazine. Things start...

    young_adults, Mystery

  • Wild Life

    by Nico Greens

    Human race lived banal and selfish lives untill they fall. From their ruins, Humanimals raised, ready to not commit the same mistakes...Right? The re...

    young_adults, Comedy

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