• Bound-The Contract

    by Anne Luise P

    Every mage has a page- tucked away in the sewing rooms of the monastery - as the anchoring shield of every mage. And Embry has Kuo. But keeping the re...

    Mages, BL, Drama, Fantasy

  • Gimma

    by Anne Luise P

    Enter Gimma, a safe haven for mages and pages, filled with magic and secrets. But the battles outside the monastery aren’t the only battles to be f...

    Mages, BL

  • Never follow the wispfinch!

    by kimketli

    Killing people for his government is like a bad drug for Eric. It's slowly killing him, but it also makes him feel alive. Though what will happen when...

    Mages, Fantasy

  • Deck of Fates

    by Creationistlife

    When you are chosen by the fates to become an Arcana you will find yourself thrust into a world ruled by magic and strength. Arcana can harness the wi...

    Mages, Fantasy

  • Solving Xandra

    by Georgeo

    There's magic in the air of Chatterville! ...And it's kind of a problem. Join Nash and the mystical Xandra as they provide damage control for the st...

    Mages, Comedy

  • Sephie

    by Izzi Ward

    Patreon: www.patreon.com/IzziIllustrates In the mountain city of Ilia, the last of the Godspring reside: magekind descended from long-dead gods, th...

    Mages, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Epilogue of The Brave

    by Nova Sapien

    Alex Kennedy was a twenty-nine-year-old linguist from Canada working in Hollywood as a consultant for movies and TV shows. He was a hardcore fan of Ja...

    Mages, Fantasy, Drama

  • Daring Enchantment

    by TL Shay

    Kita is over 900 years old. That's pretty typical for a Fox Spirit, if he can change with the times, and Kita prides himself on just that. Now he liv...

    Mages, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Blue Star Rebellion

    by Kaydreamer

    In an independent cluster of galaxies on the Outer Sphere of the cosmos, a lone courier is attacked by pirates in pursuit of a very specific cargo. ...

    Mages, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • The End of All Things

    by Blundering Albatross

    An old power re-emerges in the ruins of a broken world, forcing one young woman to fight for all she holds dear, with (or in spite of) the help of cap...

    Mages, GL, Fantasy, Action

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