• No.37

    by plutoneon

    (previously titled ADDICT) Crime has been on the rise as new constitution enhancers have hit the black market, giving citizens with already extraor...

    assassins, Action

  • Epilogue of The Brave

    by Nova Sapien

    Alex Kennedy was a twenty-nine-year-old linguist from Canada working in Hollywood as a consultant for movies and TV shows. He was a hardcore fan of Ja...

    assassins, Fantasy, Drama

  • To Kill A Princess

    by LuxuriousRose

    [[COMPLETED]] Stuck in an arrangement she cannot bear, Princess Cordelia decides she's going to take charge of her own destiny. All was going accordi...

    assassins, Romance

  • Yours, Eternity

    by RJMidnight

    49 (Min) is a high-class omega slave—a fighter in the Colosseum. He rarely talks, his body riddled with scars, and a mysterious air covers him. Accord...

    assassins, BL, Action

  • Occidendum

    by Fuzed

    Fascinated by his father's profession, Nathan wants to follow in his footsteps and become an assassin. When he receives an unexpected call giving ...

    assassins, Action, Science fiction, Mystery

  • Metal-Berry

    by kayomin

    [REVAMPING] Update 09.20.2020: Hey all! We bumped into a big hiatus working on this but we've been slowly getting back at it again. Estimation time o...

    assassins, Romance, Action, Drama

  • The Prince's Garden

    by Sara N. Gardiner

    What do a prince, a prostitute, an assassin, and a spy have in common? They happen to all be the same person, for starters. | While accompanying h...

    assassins, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Assimilate

    by Lex

    Sold as a child and trained as a deadly assassin, Luca is trying his hardest to live a normal life. Life, unfortunately, has other plans.

    assassins, BL, Action, Fantasy

  • Fall Of Humanity

    by CainisLupis

    The Dragon King will call, Dragons will rise From clay and earth they will crawl. Lost and scattered, the Doryu will aris From the shadows of t...

    assassins, Fantasy, Action, Horror

  • Policy

    by rakuda ZOLMES

    [NSFW] A decade ridden of disease, a revolution, missing people and political assassinations. [Under Construction]

    assassins, Drama

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