by SpadesArt

    [Indefinite Hiatus] A crew of vampires set off on a hunt to find a wish-granting spire. A lot happens on the way.

    contemporary_fantasy, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Vee

    by KR Wright

    Levi is non-binary, loves pastel shades and wears their heart on their sleeve. Vee is a committed antifascist, a punk and barely says more than five w...

    contemporary_fantasy, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • The Lucent

    by scythe

    As ancient, unseen forces race to win control of a new rising power, the secrets they’ll uncover threaten to shatter the barrier between dreams and re...

    contemporary_fantasy, Science fiction

  • Legio Arcana

    by RM Dooley

    For millennia the Arcane Legion has stood against supernatural forces and protected the world from dark powers. In present day Seattle, six members o...

    contemporary_fantasy, Horror, Fantasy

  • Time to Live

    by heiseihi

    Read from left to right --> Shane Wilks is top-level Demon, working his butt off to climb higher in the hierarchy into Underworld Master's heir posit...

    contemporary_fantasy, Romance, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • The Truth About Goblins

    by TheMirandaChick

    Anny’s parents are dead. In an instant, she is left alone, forced to face an impossible question that has shadowed her existence since she was a child...

    contemporary_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Paged Away

    by gleamiarts

    After discovering an unassuming book on an impromptu snack stop, Jamie and her friends are mistakenly transported into a world confined within the pag...

    contemporary_fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Path of Life and Stone

    by Strix&Lem

    Italy. In Poggio di Sopra, the small alpin village where Amelia lives and where Lucia has to spend her summer, very special things happen. Just a f...

    contemporary_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Teeth: A Romance

    by Eruden

    When Thalia decided to go back to college, she kinda-sorta hoped to reignite the excitement she felt as a young adult. Enter Maktov Algrise, a shad...

    contemporary_fantasy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Lights, Camera, Orc-tion!

    by Eruden

    With medical debt looming over her head, Avicia Thorn can't rely on her cam career to make ends meet. She applies for a slightly-better-than-minimum-w...

    contemporary_fantasy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of life

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