• Powernote

    by vworks

    At the end of her rope, Aria finds herself enlisted into The Powernote Armed Forces, an organization that defends humanity from inter-dimensional th...

    dimension, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Mirror Monster

    by gh0stcr33p

    After Josie manages to trap herself in another dimension with a magical mirror, she has to make sure to keep clear from the sinister criminal Erena an...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • GRAE

    by Axis

    Updates every other Saturday! Rae, a 21 year old woman is thrown into an alternate dimension of Earth six hundred years into the future to discover...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • Echo's Rift

    by Jennifer Potter

    Echo's Rift is an epic adventure that follows 15-year-old Eliot as he uncovers the secrets that kept him in near complete isolation from the day he wa...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • Dimidium

    by Angie Kat Neko

    It may seem cute and girly but the pretty colors hide a dark truth. Past lives, dimensions, lies, true love and your other half, parallel universes an...

    dimension, Mystery

  • Daemons Venatus

    by 4U Comics

    Five young adults are pulled into an alternate reality and are forced to survive amongst its gruelling environment. 4UComics takes you into the world ...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • A Drop of Magic!

    by Ajinx

    What if you lived your entire life thinking you were something that you're not? What if there was something about yourself that you never knew? What i...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • Endless Universe

    by LeWarriorStar

    In this wacky adventure, we focus on Star, a wolf who wakes up in a strange world, alone, with amnesia. She is soon thrown into an adventure between t...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • Alter-Becka

    by Ishified

    My first slice of doing web comics. As much as possible I would try to update weekly, so tune in and enjoy. Art style might change overtime... Exp...

    dimension, Fantasy

  • Verdunnit: The Revolution

    by HitoriEdo

    The ambitious and unquenchable curiosity of man, accompanied by the infinite possibilities of science, gives birth to a creature that is leagues above...

    dimension, Action, Drama, Mystery

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