• The Next Reaper

    by Deus Jet

    In a not too distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place... What happens when the Watchers of our world abandon us? When Death is too old t...

    lust, Fantasy

  • Like Ecstasy

    by Mae Rose

    ( SEASON TWO ) Nathaniel Reeves is an eighteen-year-old high school dropout struggling to make ends meet for his little sister, and mother sufferin...

    lust, BL, Romance, Drama

  • Selected

    by M.L. Francis

    Sometimes your wolf knows better than you. Time is running out for shifter Ray. With his thirtieth birthday fast approaching, he knows he must sele...

    lust, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • A Slut's life can also become sore (BL) - HIATUS

    by Blacky Rose

    Leo is a vampire, he wanted to try a simple, carefree human life, he likes to sleep around with any handsome man he can find during his 'cock hunt' as...

    lust, BL

  • When Stars Fly

    by emeraldcity

    A non canon Greek myth ft. the charas from our series EMC filled with love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, and strangely enough, the origin of fireflies. B...

    lust, Romance

  • Trapped by the Mafia (COMPLETED)

    by Domi Sotto

    I am shocked into silence. A stranger’s kiss shouldn’t feel like this, floating me away from reality, all ills that plague me instantly forgotten. Not...

    lust, Comedy, Action, Romance

  • Birth of a Sin

    by Coda Languez

    Ira Dante, the head of the largest crime family in Monterose, is a bloodthirsty woman who wields powers that are beyond human. When she falls for Tris...

    lust, Action, Romance, Horror

  • Roadies

    by Clare Cassidy

    Gabe Black never would've thought that being a roadie for a major band could turn out the way it did, but that's the best part. They didn't exactly...

    lust, BL



    A dark sexual romance between a man crazed about his love for a women who is innocent as her name. The overbearing love for the women leads him to kid...

    lust, Romance

  • Luna With Green Eyes

    by Puya Tenshi

    Cressa Brightly was just living her happy werewolf life with her loving family before it all went to chaos... Cressa is forced to leave her home an...

    lust, Romance

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