• Unfamiliar

    by Haley Newsome

    Little witch Planchette is tired of living in the suburbs, so when she sees a great deal on a house in a magical town, she takes it! The only problem?...

    magical_girl, Fantasy

  • Apricot Cookie(s)!

    by Louistrations

    Updates every Thursday! Please read from RIGHT to LEFT A comedy comic following the life, loves and laundry of Apricot; the only Japanese schoolgi...

    magical_girl, Drama, Comedy

  • Sprinter

    by Marowe

    Sprinter was supposed to save the world; she saved herself instead. Raised beneath the weight of an overwhelming responsibility, an impulsive flight w...

    magical_girl, Fantasy

  • Defend!!

    by peachieevee

    Edith Li arrives in Mirror City with very few expectations. However, becoming the defender of the Crystal Moon is something she expected even less.

    magical_girl, Action

  • Magical Boy Troubles

    by Fran

    Juan's boyfriend Kikyou is a magical boy which is pretty cool, right? Except he cant stop worrying about him because his job seems to be pretty danger...

    magical_girl, BL, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Love Letter

    by artghst

    Fay is just your regular highschool girl—except she's a skeleton!? ...and a magical girl.

    magical_girl, Mystery

  • The Lost Oracle

    by Lho

    A fantasy story about a girl, raised in the abandoned ruins of Blue Gold City. She is the lost oracle. But she's about to be found. Updates almost ...

    magical_girl, Fantasy

  • I'm Not Your Princess!!

    by SilveryRam

    Tenshion Maravilla wants just one thing—to radiate machismo energy in college, and to become the Crystal Knight to a magical guardian “Princess Candid...

    magical_girl, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Starhop

    by Cuttles

    It's been 16 years since the star appeared over Wakefield. 16 years since locals started to die in their sleep. One night, Trix, Bea and Alan find...

    magical_girl, Fantasy

  • Celestial Priestess

    by Saint Bree

    GL Magical Girl/Witchy. Studying by day, fighting evil by night, college student Marina Hai discovers magical secrets lurking in her city. Story by...

    magical_girl, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

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