• FOCUS 10

    by SoenKai

    Imagine waking up in the middle of the night. You can't move, you can't speak... And there's something evil in the room with you. This is a story...

    nightmare, Mystery

  • Haunter of Dreams

    by alectorfencer

    Haunter of Dreams leads you into the dreamscapes of a little boy who has to overcome his biggest fears and worries. In the format of a dreamtale, this...

    nightmare, Fantasy


    by Dunklayth

    [EN] "Stuck in a weird and dreamlike universe, Caël is looking for a way out before being caught by its psyche. With no other choices than to jump ...

    nightmare, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • In the Woods Somewhere

    by Tromroan

    In the Woods Somewhere is a surreal-horror, slice of life comic about a teenager called Andrew, and his friends. Andrew has narcolepsy with ...

    nightmare, Horror, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • White Death

    by Matiazi

    A legend runs from the docks to the great halls of Elion, from which the oceans are haunted by an immortal and his three white tigers. Whenever a shi...

    nightmare, Horror

  • Eleven

    by Dylanbeedoodles

    Take a journey through my nightmares. Read this 30 page horror comic and experience the world of Eleven.

    nightmare, Horror

  • Queen of the night

    by CarolinReich

    Should you encounter an unregistered nightmahr, please contact the Hunters' Circle immediately. Queen of the night is a shortstory I did back in 20...

    nightmare, Mystery

  • SlumberTown

    by Macxi

    Welcome to SlumberTown! Population: ... 32! Romy, a socially anxious retriever, is the newest resident of the quiet ghost town. New job? Check. Ne...

    nightmare, Mystery, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Twine

    by xAlptraum

    *BL Warning* Twine is one of The Thirteen Halloween children. Unfortunately, he was the only child to be soft-hearted and frightened easily, which ma...

    nightmare, Fantasy

  • Dreammakers beyond the Door

    by Linda R.

    DMBTD is a psychological fantasy comic about beings living in a student's mind and creating dreams for him. The timid dragon boy Dike goes on a quest ...

    nightmare, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

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