• Capture the Flag

    by Funny Toons

    They say that war is a game of twists, turns and unexpected outcomes. Well in this case, there are no exceptions as these two crazy dudes battle it ou...

    slapstick, Comedy

  • Cool Cat

    by Adrian Hii

    It's a plane! It's a bird! No, it's Superman! Nope, it's Batman! Wrong, it's COOL CAT! And also other heroes.

    slapstick, Comedy

  • Cosmic Safari

    by Frenemy

    New episodes every Thursday morning Malaysia time!! Welcome to the Cosmic Safari! Follow Krum on his adventures inside the Cosmic Safari a safari ...

    slapstick, Action, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Sticktoons

    by Jean-Luc Ottey

    (New Strips Weekly, Sundays @ 2:00 PM EST and Thursday @ 3:00 PM EST) It's not easy living life, especially when you live in a world where you have...

    slapstick, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Yajuu Series

    by Nork

    WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF YAJUU Updated every Saturday! So you think you know Yajuu, that it's about monsters who transforms in to about whatever ...

    slapstick, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Hey, Nami!

    by Kitsunami

    "Hey, Nami!" Nami is a simple kitsune living her simple life on a tropical island full of quirky natives and carnivorous lizards. Updates Friday...

    slapstick, Slice of life, Comedy

  • New Jots

    by mankysee

    An epic story following two girls and their misadventures in a kinda-not-so-much-scifi world full of dangers and homages to Toryama and slapstick come...

    slapstick, Action

  • Rustled Jimmies

    by nibbink

    A webcomic featuring plump lil dudes with cute butts.

    slapstick, Comedy

  • Slice of Mallow

    by Adam Foreman

    Cute zany marshmallow comics that will put you into a sugary coma.

    slapstick, Action, Slice of life, Comedy

  • The Three Bears

    by Dave Redl

    Silly comic strip of slapstick cartoon events based on real life moments with a deviant twist! (But with Bears...) portfolio: http://www.daveredl.c...

    slapstick, Comedy

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