• Indigents

    by cassw

    Dakota and Kennedy are thrown together in a world ravaged by a single disease. Fast spreading and corrupting sanity, civilization was razed to the gro...

    survival, Romance, Action, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Drifted

    by Axur

    Under mysterious circumstances a local news reporter finds herself stranded in a dark, seemingly endless forest, with no clear way back home she will ...

    survival, Action, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Carrie & Rufus

    by bennessy

    Carrie and Rufus (a talking fox) help each other survive in a zombie infested Ireland. Think Turner and Hooch meets Shaun of the Dead.

    survival, Horror

  • Love & Destroy

    by shunshao

    WARNING : contains strong language, slight gore, mild sexual. Read left to right. I will try to update as often as possible (this year is really bus...

    survival, Horror

  • Wilson And Maxwell Get Shipwrecked

    by Blob

    What if instead of building that multiplayer portal, Maxwell and Wilson had built the Seaworthy? They would get mad at each other and be attacked by s...

    survival, Comedy, Fantasy

  • OmeN

    by Wiiolis

    After gods destroyed this world, they left gems from their bodies that gave those who survived huge powers. After many years, the survivors split into...

    survival, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Start? (interactive)

    by PIA

    In this interactive comic you play the roll of a man who wakes up in a white room remembering not even his name. As the “game” goes on, you will have ...

    survival, Science fiction

  • Epilogue of The Brave

    by Nova Sapien

    Alex Kennedy was a twenty-nine-year-old linguist from Canada working in Hollywood as a consultant for movies and TV shows. He was a hardcore fan of Ja...

    survival, Fantasy, Drama

  • Winter Secrets (Hiatus)

    by M.G Comics

    https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/meis-war/list?title_no=205189 Not GL. Helena is forced to live alone for years in the woods, damaging her. It's...

    survival, Drama

  • Journey Beyond

    by Edea

    A new world of the living dead is deadly and hellishly scary but it's a chance for change as well. Follow Ant, a pregnant university student, through ...

    survival, Horror

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