• Cursed in blue

    by ArhyaM

    Kane was once a young boy living in a world that enslaved him since birth. But one day the god of war called him to arms, and that changed everything....

    war, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Dynasty

    by Maham Fatemi

    Can an alliance between blood be forever torn? Loyalties are tested in the royal family of the Huo empire when political and militaristic upheavals te...

    war, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Captain Macbastard

    by Twistwood

    'Captain Macbastard and the Quest for Hedonism' tells the inspiring tale of a Scottish alcohol enthusiast and his important mission to find and drink ...

    war, Comedy

  • Red Moon Nights

    by Sappytoad

    In a world where vampires and werewolf are at war a strange encounter occurs between an omega werewolf and a runaway vampire.

    war, BL

  • God of War, Ares

    by Brandon Chen

    The Tulgorian Empire dominates over the other nations on the eastern continent of Dastia. When Darien, the teenage prince of Tulgor, is banished from ...

    war, Fantasy, Action, Drama

  • Where Men Cry

    by Xeesire

    Magic, mystery, conspiracies, love and betrayal. A group of people with average lives find themselves in the middle of a war. Will they be able to win...

    war, Drama

  • Almost Never

    by Kyt Cordell

    UPDATES MONDAYS “Almost Never” is a comic about a porter boy who makes a pact with a sea demon to save his town from a plague. He gives the sea dem...

    war, Fantasy

  • Exiled From Heaven (Español)

    by Mangakafabi

    Ariel quien perdió la memoria y Luciel quien solo habla en un idioma que nadie puede entender son estos dos ángeles obsesionados por llegar a ser sera...

    war, Fantasy

  • Astral

    by Armada

    All stars are taught that their kind have gone to war against one another no less than six times. Six times the cosmos were lit up with the bright blo...

    war, Science fiction

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