by YAA

    [UPDATES: Mondays 11AM PST] hockey hoodies & hangover hickeys Genres: ⦁Comedy ⦁Drama ⦁Sports ⦁Slow Burn Romance ⦁Slice of Life Subjects: ◆...

    Ice, BL, Drama, Comedy

  • Inferno

    by N.A. Carson

    Fin has a secret; one that cannot be shared. He has an undying love for fire. He craves the heat and only feels at peace when he's engulfed in flam...

    Ice, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Freeskate

    by Colin

    The daily happenings at the Silver Brooks Skating Club. -- Updates every Sunday, 2PM PST.

    Ice, Romance

  • West

    by K Slinger

    Jed is a Soul Hunter moving between the world of the living and the land of the dead. A lone wolf, he needs and has no one, but when the ravenous soul...

    Ice, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Oberland

    by Fortesnic

    In life there's many things that we wonder about, and as we grow wise and come to understand them, then we only wish we had not... In a unforgiving...

    Ice, Fantasy

  • Frostblight Saga

    by Doig & Swift

    Dark Winter Myth created for Advent 2013

    Ice, Fantasy

  • Oh My Ghost

    by ghostmaya

    Loi is tight on budget so he was force to live on a very cheap "HAUNTED" apartment where he will meet "Maya" the Ghost Check My Webtoon at: http:/...

    Ice, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • Icy Dawn

    by The Witchy Forest

    UPDATES EVERY FRIDAY - Vee is about to wed, having suddenly a swarm of monsters being sent after her for something that made her the black sheet of he...

    Ice, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • LostMyth

    by AceAlmansoori

    READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT A world where humans are 1/5th of the earths population. A world filled with dangerous creatures. Where as soon as you step o...

    Ice, Fantasy

  • Ice

    by bekaboo2013

    Rory Thompson, a seemingly innocent human just trying to survive the week, is gifted with Death's Kiss after a strange encounter with Jude Bex, an imm...

    Ice, BL

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