• Whisper Woods

    by Twoony

    After 15 years Edwin Belle returns to Whisper Woods where his grandparents were murdered. Although he is the only witness, he can't remember how they ...

    Teen_Fiction, BL, Romance, Mystery

  • Invisible Boy

    by Twoony

    Micah Greeneway is invisible. Not the teen angst kind but actually invisible. It’s hereditary, a family secret locked up like Area 51, but that’s not ...

    Teen_Fiction, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Pictures of Us

    by Twoony

    After Mylo agrees to confess to his so-called "crush" in order to help his best friend work up the nerve to ask the girl she likes out, he finds himse...

    Teen_Fiction, BL, Comedy, Romance

  • Owl City

    by Aera Cura

    Three years have passed since his best friend, Lucas, fired his father's revolver on himself in his family's cornfield one frozen, Wisconsin night. Gi...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

  • Love Sucks

    by M. C. Andr

    Book Two!!! (GirlXGirl) It's been two months since that first drop of blood that got Rebecca Cross involved with her now Vampire girlfriend, Lyssa Nor...

    Teen_Fiction, GL, Fantasy, Romance

  • He's Not Mine

    by charli.snow

    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems to go right. Will a chance encounter in Takashi's melancholy world bring him out of the deep...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

  • The Dancer

    by Saint Caliendo

    Oliver is a dancer. He's been dancing all his life and striving towards becoming a professional has always been his focus. Complications with his ...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

  • After School Edge (2018)

    by Danika Marx Miller

    (untouched since upload in 2018) Tobari's always loved cute and feminine things. Which sparks his eventual venture into drag. One day, while he was...

    Teen_Fiction, Romance

  • Callie and Lexi's Kiss List

    by T. T. Words

    When twins Callie and Lexi were kids, they wrote a list of all the boys they wished to kiss when they started high school. Flash forward a year later,...

    Teen_Fiction, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Midsummer

    by Helevorn

    10th century Norway. Two teenagers, Helgi and Lars, are sharing their experiences from the Midsummer party the night before, learning more about thems...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

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