• I Wish For a Boyfriend

    by Shei

    A fairy falls in love with the human he's assigned to. Too bad humans and fairies can't be together.

    fairies, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Faerie Gari

    by Zelkats

    In the dead of night, Chase, a circus performer, is searching for something in the forest that couldn't possibly exist. But it may be the one thing th...

    fairies, Fantasy

  • Feral Gentry

    by arachnodentist

    Tuomi is a fairy who has lived for a long time in hiding among humans, with only his plants to keep him company. His peaceful yet lonely life changes ...

    fairies, Fantasy

  • Oberland

    by Fortesnic

    In life there's many things that we wonder about, and as we grow wise and come to understand them, then we only wish we had not... In a unforgiving...

    fairies, Fantasy

  • Kal Uni

    by ArtofCorrine

    The Old Ways of the earth are dying. The gods have been cast out by the humans who once worshiped them, and the forests have all been destroyed, save ...

    fairies, Fantasy

  • Chronicles of Magix

    by Maiky Odel

    A Fan-made Reboot comic of the Winx Club animated show and comics created by Iginio Straffi. This comic features the main characters from the show...

    fairies, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Midnight in St. Petersburg

    by Barbara J Webb

    A priest, a vampire, and a fairy walk into a bar… The punchline wasn’t a joke; it was an honest-to-God job offer, promising Rose more money than sh...

    fairies, Fantasy, Horror

  • Sidhe Collection

    by KANEnki

    A collection of sidhe's stories. R18

    fairies, BL

  • Daring Enchantment

    by TL Shay

    Kita is over 900 years old. That's pretty typical for a Fox Spirit, if he can change with the times, and Kita prides himself on just that. Now he liv...

    fairies, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Zenchav

    by DracoPlato

    This comic is rated R for mature themes. Damon, a simple minded half jinn, is caught up in his father's plot to reform humanity, and is pitted agai...

    fairies, Fantasy

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