• Gone and Forgotten

    by DizzyAlyx

    When you look like a monster, people only need one excuse to treat you like one. The story of a very unfortunate man and how he was forgotten by eve...

    mother, Fantasy

  • Journey Beyond

    by Edea

    A new world of the living dead is deadly and hellishly scary but it's a chance for change as well. Follow Ant, a pregnant university student, through ...

    mother, Horror

  • Beauty of the Sea

    by orion

    Cora is heir-apparent to the throne of Aecor and with endless duties to rise to her mother’s regal legacy, her anxieties and worries grow worse with e...

    mother, Fantasy

  • Happy to See U

    by yangsoo kim

    My lovely daughter Shiwoo. I'm always happy to see u.

    mother, Slice of life

  • Motherhood

    by Wendy

    A first time mom's experience. :)

    mother, Slice of life

  • Devils Deal

    by DarkDekuLord

    With her husband injured in the line of duty, and the threat of losing her home, Selma is forced into a pact with Vassago, a devil who claims to hold ...

    mother, Drama, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Blood Tie - Jeff and Liu

    by -Ame

    Liu has a little brother, Jeff. Being forced to live in the local mafia, whit a violent mother, their childhood will be over soon. After an accide...

    mother, Mystery

  • Only Human

    by LJStories

    "No one, and I mean no one comes between an Alpha and what is his. Especially his children," He voiced softly. His words were laced with a rumbling fr...

    mother, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

  • Fugitive

    by Snyckerdoodles

    READ: LEFT TO RIGHT!! A violent game of cat and mouse has an unlikely pair scrambling to save the world and find a lost brother, all while avoidin...

    mother, Drama

  • The Host

    by Sara333

    A short story about teenage angst, parental love and aliens.

    mother, Horror

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