• Tapas Community Feature Banner Submissions Results

    Apr 14, 2023

Woah! Can you believe it’s already April? We can’t! It feels like the call to action for feature banner submissions was only a few days ago. We had an overwhelming response to the event and since then have been working to get in contact with creators, review files, and schedule out features. 

If you’ve visited Tapas Community Tab (app only feature) between February to now, you might have come across a few of the finalists… and if you continue to visit Tapas Community Tab, you’ll continue to see them! April and early May will be packed full of these absolutely stunning banners. 

A special thanks to everyone who participated in this event. I know I sound like a broken record, but we appreciate the Tapas Community so, so much. You all are so wonderful and supportive of each other, it’s beautiful to see. As it is, if you have a moment and you see any of these feature banners or any community title, please be sure to drop a nice comment on the series, creator walls, and via discord and show support to your fellow community members.

To the creators we’ve been working with for the past few months: Thank you for your patience. We know it’s been a ride since the commencement of this event, but all of you have handled all the hiccups with nothing but grace and kindness. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Anywho, I could go on, but we all know why you’re here: The eye candy! 

Can you guess the total of feature banners below?

[Click the title to be redirected to the series and click the creator’s name to be redirected to their creator profile page.]

Oni x Fox by Sefra 14

Everwake by Bianca Loran

Oh My Ghost by ghostmaya

Let's Celebrate! by teloka

The Changelings Sister by Yondoloki

Smith by Andrew Pilcher

Spook by Sari Spooks

I'm not a Vampire by Wuke

Phase Me by ezyn

Enofauna by IsaLinguica!

Monster Boy by Para

Shadow Slayer by Yuzki

Selina~ Moon Bride~ by shilkefair

Fake Out by Seomu

Demonic Bewail by MiniSheepPencil

Electric Bones by Hazel + Bell

Hollow by Ninjashira

Hunter's Enigma by Naty-js

The Search for Henry Jekyll by MidoriLied

AKIN by LosGee

Devil's Triangle by Ivan Skilling

Waxfellow by Tori A. Rielly

Boy In The Sky by Mellaiclo

Karma [ENG] by Akuma BLOSSOM

Fear Layers by Kimura

Karana by Kainatarma

An Intern's Tale by Martina Montrasi

Lycoris Rising by Daphne

Athenaeum of Malice by Kay Raa

Offtaskby Alin Laphel

Rising Shardsby Chiral

Killing the Undead by Comics947

Loveswept by Bijou Paradise

Ritsuko & Kooji by Bel Art|Michy S

Rifter's Covenant by Jastra

TENACITY by Paige Critchlow

Magnet Delusion by Kay Raa

Golden Hour by Kai Lysander

UPSIDE DOWN by Discreetlydraw

The Misadventures Of Misfit And Mieko by parisEdoodle

Tales from the Golden Garden by Fedriz Marini

Pas de Deux - A BL /comic by Lapsang Suchong

Space Pack by Sefra 14

Mad Season by Betz

SIMULACRUM by Squire Maguire

Hidebelows by NanTets

Sincerely, Mysterious by Slimmwrites

Amunito by Hambonous

48km (english) by iaraNaika

The Shapeshifter's Wife by Rachel

Abyss Reflections by ZC_Coffee

Along for the Ride by Nytlozan

Her Wish to be Isekai'd by Geamie

Bloody Romance! by Asmorae

Song for Cantalagua by Team Cantalagua

The Tenth Realm by ArcisOne, noriati

Tory chan by Bee 48

Fairetown by Grover McGallahan

Respectfully Yours, by Danni

Maroon by pen&magenta

Off Track by lndozois

The Firewalker by Arka WR

Once Again by KamThings

Ascension of the Saint by Mian

Brothers by Breen Heath


Faroff by Lennon Rook

Warily Ever After by Joanne Kwan

Giicchan is Clueless by SALTEHH

Succulents comics by Succulents Comics

Wild Beast Forest House by Inma R.

Forget Me (Not) by Danni

Of Bones and Blooms by Medusa | BlackOrchid

BE YOUR GUARD! Chronicles by goldeenmii

Revenge of the Candy Snatchers by SKETCHFro!

Necroknights: Guardians of the Dead by Brian Brennon

Now, I am Demon King's Wife by bintangpasca

Memento Mori - a circus tale by Julia - L.Efeu

Dimensional Resources by Kaylie Vinchenstein

What Kind of Power is Love, Anyways? by pastghost

Growing Up, and GettingOut by Lonnie Comics

Shadow Division Files: Witch Hunt by Deven Rover

Dark Mode : A Collection of Short Horror Stories by Bevscomics

The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer by Bella Chan

Division 5 by Roselinath

Royal Blue by sigma draws

Blood Runs Black by tanja_meep

Star Wheel by Kristin

The Mushroom Girl by fiosketches

Crossroads by Beeku Comics

Godchain by AutumnAdmiral

Timeless Eclipse by nezkovsou

Hunting Season by Smiley Mars

My Superhero! by Jessie Paige Dawson

Faded Origins by soratimestill

Romance Uncliched! by Ivan Skilling

You Love Me Two? by mizore

Prism World by Moe Fosse

Tropicana Realms by HostileCrocodile

Black Lamb by Oliver Levang

Weather Child by Kazumi404

Witch Things by  _MoonDusty_

Incantatio by Oddyssey

Side Quested by AlePresser

Sephaden by Nicole

If Only We Could by MelsCraftZ

Ignite by KamThings

Uncanny Nights by erossow

Incarnation by rain_ypjm

State of Matter by AKG

I disagiati by leddia

Tutor Me Not by nothelling

Stranger Danger by MelsCraftZ

One of the Boys! by Pikajulie Art

Sapphire in the Smoke by Bijou Paradise

Graveyard Casino by Madame Dibi

Petrichor by moon.tokkym cream isn't melting by Silver fruit

Purpose by Skyland

Spellbound by SillyLullaby

My Smoke and Mirrors by Stephanie J

My 2.5D Romance (BL) by risolco

Dandelion Atelier by MarchClub

The Great Fall by Twigg

Ideal Height by Maryluna

Jade Kingdoms by surenlicious

Princeling by BitterOath

In Love With A Reaper by aureiit

Mil-Liminal by RaptorJules

Storge by KamThings

The Closest Thing to Living by kykun

The Lady of Gollerus by BeeberryMuffin

Les Normaux by KnightJJ, Al

Proxima Luminous by SunnySun☀️

Notes for the Stars by fantalf

ProtecteeEx by MelsCraftZ

Three in a Tree by Kelheor

Press Start a 90's Comic Short by lndozois


Ghostly love by theweirdo48

What The Hell? by Walden Hell Comics

Noble Blood by  jennyficationani

Frog>Prince by SpadeDigsButts

Afterlife by apandaarts

Wildskies by MHudson

Our Unending Journey by Saba Sabaton

The Mind's Eye by mannygart

The Carnations by marco

Soul Theory by Emily

*final featured banner could not be used due to technical difficulties

Finding Flowers by kikbie

The final selection of series consisted of 132 comics + 17 novels for a total of 150 selected series! Here are some facts about the series featured here:  

  1. The average number of episodes was 42. 

  2. The average number of views was 14,470.

  3. The average number of subscribers was 465. 

Now can you guess what series goes with which fact? 

  1. One series has over 1,000 episodes. 

  2. Two series were created back in 2015.

  3. Three series have over 1,000,000 views! 

Enjoy your new reading list :D 

Have a good one! 

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